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Horse Trailer Floor Plans

Merhow - Living Quarter Chassis Floor Plans

These are some of MERHOW’S most popular floor plans. Speak with your authorized MERHOW dealer for more choices to fit your specific living quarter chassis needs.

7 wide_4.5x7_lq_chassis

7 wide_6.5x7_lq_chassis

7 wide_7.5x7_lq_chassis

7’ Wide 4.5x7 LQ Chassis

7’ Wide 6.5x7 LQ Chassis

7’ Wide 7.5x7 LQ Chassis

7 wide_8.5x7_lq_chassis

8 wide_8.5x8_lq_chassis

8 wide_8.5x8_slideout_lq_ch

7’ Wide 8.5x7 LQ Chassis

8’ Wide 8.5x8 LQ Chassis

8’ Wide 8.5x8 SO LQ Chassis

8 wide_10.5x8_lq_chassis

8 wide_10.5x8_slideout_lq_c

8 wide_12.5x8_lq_chassis

8’ Wide 10.5x8 LQ Chassis

8’ Wide 10.5x8 SO LQ Chassis

8’ Wide 12.5x8 LQ Chassis

 8 wide_12.5x8_slideout_lq_c

8 wide_14.5x8_lq_chassis

8 wide_14.5x8_slideout_lq_c

8’ Wide 12.5x8 SO LQ Chassis

8’ Wide 14.5x8 LQ Chassis

8’ Wide 14.5x8 SO LQ Chassis