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A Letter from Merhow Industries.

From our Owner


In February Merhow Industries was acquired by my MFP Investment Holdings. I wanted to personally write to you and introduce myself now that the transaction to purchase Merhow has been completed. My name is Dennis Marcott and I am the new owner of Merhow Industries.

I am impressed by a company that has been serving the same industry for over 50 years and can count thousands of satisfied customers. But more importantly I am excited by the opportunity to take a legacy brand such as Merhow and help transform it into a true leader in the Horse Trailer industry.

I can tell to you that we are committed to investing in growing our business and intend to do so by doing whatever we can to help you grow your business. We will bring a new energy and a value system based on customer service.

Our goal is to make Merhow not just a product line that you happen to sell, but rather a valuable part of your dealership’s growth and success.

I have named Matt Hazelbaker as President and COO of Merhow and Matt’s mission will be to transform our company into a leading innovator in the market place. In short order you will find our products easier to order, easier to inventory, and easier to sell. Matt or someone from our team will be contacting you soon to get your input on how we can better partner with you to our mutual success.

Dennis Marcott

From the President

Excitement! That's the buzz at the "New" Merhow Industries! Our Merhow team is excited now more than ever to demonstrate to you our 2013 Merhow Pledge. I hope you give our team the chance to prove this Pledge to you with our renewed commitment to High Quality, User-Friendliness, Safety for horses, Dependability and most of all listening to customer input! Yes, that's right, we want to LISTEN to you. Merhow's direction will largely be steered by you. We don't want to "think" we know your wants and needs, we want to "know" what your wants and needs are.

As 2013 progresses, you will see that Merhow has much in store for the Horse Trailer World! Since our recent acquisition, we have spent the last few weeks strategically planning Merhow's future and your partnership with us. We plan to unveil some very exciting innovations which will prove to be beneficial and valuable when becoming part of the Merhow Family. Several of these ideas came from you, and we think they are fantastic ideas! We plan to upgrade our Customer and Trailer Services in a myriad of ways. Our goal is not to change our product but to enhance our services and maintain the Merhow quality you have come to expect and trust.

I am proud to lead Merhow Horse Trailers - your Deluxe Horse Transportation option since 1955 into a new generation of creativity, enthusiasm and innovation. My team and I see many exciting opportunities ahead of us. I hope you will help us seize these opportunities through innovative ideas and the opportunity to cultivate a strong partnership with you. As the market climate changes, we realize that Merhow must adapt, too, and this is our focus. As I mentioned earlier, we want to hear from you. Please feel free to email me your comments, suggestions or feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Matt Hazelbaker